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Farewell, GrepBeat Pete!
Posted Friday
tl;dr - GrepBeat Pete, the person who wrote this news, is leaving after six years. - He's going to do stand-up comedy and use the name Pete Smack. - There was a party to say goodbye and many people came to thank him. - You can even invest in his comedy journey and make money while he tells jokes!
Find Parking Fast with Parking Pin
Posted Thursday
tl;dr - A man named Robert Wilson had trouble finding parking when he was in college - He and his friend made a special app to help people find parking spots and give information to the people who manage the parking lots - They got some money to keep working on their app and want to help lots of places like hospitals and stadiums - The app shows where there are empty parking spots and also helps the people who manage the lots do their job better.
Synergize Matches Young Entrepreneurs With Business Partners
Posted Thursday
tl;dr - Julia Kotulska met many students with great business ideas at Skema Business School in Paris - She noticed that students often felt they couldn't start their own businesses because of time and skill constraints - So, she created Synergize, a platform to help connect young entrepreneurs with potential business partners - The platform will use an algorithm to match students based on things like personality and time commitment, and there will be a mentorship option.
Soffos Inc. Empowers Edtech with AI
Posted July 9, 2024
tl;dr - "Soffos" is a company that helps people learn using technology. - The co-founders named it after a Greek word for wisdom. - They started by making a learning platform for kids, but now they help other companies and teachers make their own learning apps. - They are getting more money to make their product even better.
CSPM Zero to Offer Cloud Security Solutions, Preventing Data Breaches
Posted July 9, 2024
tl;dr - Technology has grown a lot in the past few years. - Companies need to work with different outside consultants to keep their information safe. - A man named Phil started a company called CSPM Zero to help with this. - His company will scan and give advice on how to keep information secure in the cloud, and he wants to make it easy for people to do this.
‘Hinge for Surrogacy’: Baby Bumps Offers Matchmaking for Parents and Surrogates
Posted July 2, 2024
tl;dr - Victoria Fritz wanted to have a baby, but she couldn't carry it herself. - She didn't want to spend a lot of money or use Facebook to find someone to carry the baby for her. - So she came up with the idea for a website called Baby Bumps, where parents and surrogates can find each other. - She hopes this will make it easier and more affordable for people to have a baby with the help of a surrogate.
Loom3d Combats Waste with Seamless Clothing Design
Posted July 2, 2024
tl;dr - Jeanine Fry loved to play dress-up as a kid and still loves clothes - She noticed that the clothes industry makes too much and wastes a lot - Fry started a company called Loom3d to make clothes in a better way - Loom3d makes clothes without seams, which is better for the environment and more comfortable for people to wear.
Friday Nooner: Season Finale and Pete’s Goodbye
Posted June 28, 2024
tl;dr - Today's show was a goodbye party for Pete at his job. - The boss talked to us from Costa Rica. - We watched videos and played games to learn more about Pete. - There will be a bigger party for Pete at a pub on July 11. You can watch the show on LinkedIn, Facebook, or YouTube.
For Women, By Women: Triangle Senior Leaders Open More Doors for Investing
Posted June 27, 2024
tl;dr - Susan Wall didn't think she could invest in a company because she's a woman and didn't know about it. - Many women don't get a lot of money for their companies and there aren't many women who invest money. - Some women made a group to help more women learn about investing and get more money for their companies. - The group wants to teach and support women who want to invest and start their own companies.
TruPacta Helps Companies Minimize Costs with Vendor Management Solution
Posted June 27, 2024
tl;dr - TruPacta is a company that helps other companies save money by managing their relationships with suppliers. - They have a special software that makes it easier for managers to do their job and focus on important tasks. - TruPacta was started by four people who have a lot of experience in this field. - Many companies are using TruPacta to save money and be more efficient.