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Friday Nooner: Andrea Inokon On Cadence Cash Being A Family Affair
Posted Yesterday
tl;dr - Nvidia is growing really fast. - Techstars has changed. - A new car was driven to the office today. - A guest named Andrea talked about a company called Cadence Cash that helps small businesses get money quickly.
“One Less Car On The Road:” Cary-Based Startup To Facilitate Easier Carpooling
Posted Thursday
tl;dr - Krishnanand Kamath spent 20 years working for big companies, trying to make things easier for them. - Now, as a parent, he noticed problems in his own life, like having to drive his kids to school. - He made an app called Carpool.School to help busy families and schools to organize carpooling. - The app is different from other carpooling apps because it focuses on making it easy and cheap for families to use, and schools can also use it to manage carpooling.
In The Soup: Biggest Mistakes Startup Founders Make, And How To Avoid Them
Posted Wednesday
tl;dr ● Starting a business is tough and there are no instruction manuals ● A show called In The Soup has guests who can help you avoid making mistakes as a startup founder ● The guests on this episode are Jenn Summe, Melissa Crosby, Chris Geiss, and Brian Reale ● You can listen to the episode and subscribe to the show to learn more.
Raleigh-based Atlantic Fish Co. Works On Eco-Conscious Solution To Overfishing
Posted Tuesday
tl;dr - A company called Atlantic Fish makes fish meat in a lab - They use cells from a live fish to make the meat - This meat is good for the planet and can help feed a lot of people - They hope to sell their product in restaurants in a few years.
Fresh Off Techstars Detroit, Chapel Hill’s SneakPeek Coming To Venture Connect
Posted Tuesday
tl;dr 1. Two friends, Michael and Justin, started a company together called SneakPeek. 2. SneakPeek uses special technology to check if sneakers are real or fake. 3. The company is doing well and has been accepted into some big programs and events. 4. The founders have big plans for the future and hope to help people find and buy real sneakers.
Friday Nooner: Peoplelogic’s Matt Schmidt On Using AI To Help Companies Scale
Posted February 16, 2024
tl;dr - The GrepBeat Godfather is away, but he called in to say hi. - Pete and Melissa talked to Matt Schmidt, the CEO of a company called Peoplelogic. - Peoplelogic helps big companies do their work better by using technology. - You can watch or listen to the conversation on social media or YouTube.
Pavilion RDU Chapter Offers Networking, Resources For Go-To-Market Execs
Posted February 15, 2024
tl;dr - Pavilion is a group for people with important jobs who want to connect with others and get help with their work. - It's a community where people can share their experiences and learn from each other. - The group started during the pandemic to help people find jobs and improve their skills. - They have events and online channels where members can talk and learn together.
In The Soup: Working With A Business Partner Who’s Also A Partner In Life
Posted February 14, 2024
tl;dr - Today's episode of In The Soup is about couples who started businesses together. - They talk about the good and bad parts of working with your partner. - They give advice on how to balance your relationship and your business. - Guests include couples from, Stashpad, and Cadence Cash.
Our Wave Provides Anonymous Space For Sexual Assault Survivors To Share Stories
Posted February 13, 2024
tl;dr - Kyle Linton's friend was sexually assaulted and he wanted to help. - He made a website called Our Wave for survivors to share their stories and get resources. - Our Wave has collected almost 1,000 stories and does research to help survivors. - Linton hopes to have more partners and full-time employees to help more survivors.
M.D. With Rare Background Tackles Common Problem—Doctors Taking Notes
Posted February 13, 2024
tl;dr - A doctor named Dr. Rachel Draelos noticed that it was hard for doctors to find important information about their patients on their computers. - She started a company called Cydoc to help make it easier for doctors to find this information and save time, which can help them take better care of their patients. - Cydoc has a special form that can help doctors write notes faster and save two hours a day. - Dr. Draelos wants to eventually make a whole new computer system for doctors to share information easily, and she is working hard to make it happen.