Jurassic Capital makes growth equity investments in small B2B software companies throughout the Southeast. Jurassic is based in Durham, NC.
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Richard Anderson Joins Corevist as CRO
Published Wednesday
Launching Corevist In Parallel With S/4HANA
Published January 31, 2023
Top 7 B2B Ecommerce Challenges In 2023
Published January 24, 2023
Solutions for Your Performance Management Needs: The Banking Industry
Published January 24, 2023
Market Insight: How does texting impact the senior living sales process?
Published January 19, 2023
5 Keys To A Great B2B Portal For Manufacturers
Published January 17, 2023
The Future Of B2B Ecommerce Technology: Corevist Featured In DigitalCommerce360
Published January 10, 2023
Top 11 B2B Ecommerce Trends Emerging For 2023
Published January 3, 2023
Leadership and Wellbeing: The Link Between Thriving Workplaces and Managers
Published December 27, 2022
7 Components Of A Great SAP Ordering System
Published December 27, 2022
Why Co-Workers Should Be Friends: How To Create a Friend-Making Environment
Published December 20, 2022
What Makes A Great B2B Web Store?
Published December 20, 2022
When Should You Digitize Your Commerce?
Published December 13, 2022
How To Automate Email Orders To Post To SAP ERP
Published December 6, 2022
The Real ROI Of B2B eCommerce
Published November 29, 2022
Culture Matters: 360-Degree Feedback: Maximizing Impact
Published November 18, 2022
360-Degree Feedback: Maximizing Impact
Published November 18, 2022
Cycle Labs Named a Cool Vendor in 2022 Gartner® Cool Vendors™ in Supply Chain Management Technology
Published November 17, 2022
Composable Commerce For Companies On SAP?
Published November 15, 2022
Individual Performance Plans (IDP)+ for WorkDove
Published November 14, 2022
Getting B2B eCommerce ROI Before Your S/4HANA Migration
Published November 8, 2022
Corevist Introduces New VP Of Client Success
Published November 4, 2022
The RevOps View Of B2B eCommerce ROI
Published November 1, 2022
Are You Facing Your Customers' Pain?
Published October 25, 2022
Roobrik Receives $3M Investment from Jurassic Capital to Accelerate Growth
Published October 19, 2022
Making Life Easier For Warehousing Customers
Published October 18, 2022
Introducing 9-Box Calibration
Published October 18, 2022
How Packaging Companies Win With B2B eCommerce
Published October 11, 2022
Is B2B Shopping Really Like B2C?
Published October 4, 2022
Taking The Friction Out Of EDI Inventory Checks
Published September 27, 2022
Culture Matters: Responding Well to External Interruption
Published September 27, 2022
Manufacturing Customer Service: Balancing The Shift To Digital
Published September 20, 2022
3 Takeaways From The Reported Sunsetting Of Oracle Commerce Cloud
Published September 13, 2022
B2B Ecommerce Best Practices For Manufacturers
Published September 6, 2022
How Manufacturers Can Fix B2B eCommerce UX Problems
Published August 30, 2022
If You Build A B2B eCommerce Portal, Will They Come?
Published August 23, 2022
Goals: Don't Set and Forget
Published August 23, 2022
Seven Costs and Risks of Not Testing Your Business Software
Published August 22, 2022
Still Suffering With Homegrown B2B eCommerce For SAP?
Published August 19, 2022
D.E.E.P. Rooted Core Values
Published August 17, 2022
Are B2B Marketplaces Right For Manufacturers? Copy
Published August 17, 2022
The True Measure Of Success In B2B eCommerce
Published August 16, 2022
Finding the Balance Between Automated and Manual Testing
Published August 11, 2022
Are B2B Marketplaces Right For Manufacturers?
Published August 9, 2022
Testing Early and Testing Often: Achieve Shorter Release Cycles Through Iterative Testing
Published August 5, 2022
5 Key Lessons From B2B eCommerce Projects
Published August 2, 2022
Risk-Based Strategies for Automated Testing
Published July 29, 2022
Where B2B eCommerce Is Headed In 2022 And Beyond
Published July 26, 2022
How to Build Confidence in Warehouse Innovation with Test Automation
Published July 21, 2022
Hybrid B2B Selling: 3 Keys To Nail The New Model
Published July 19, 2022